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At The Law Office of Sofia Teren LLC, we represent clients in personal injury matters, business formation, criminal, OVI/DUI, Traffic Violations, juvenile defense cases, as well as various legal matters that arise under the Family Law.   Attorney Sofia Teren has extensive            experience and excellent reputation in representing clients. In the courtroom, Ms. Teren fiercely and passionately represents clients’ best interests. Especially, in criminal and                    juvenile cases when the freedom of clients at stake, Attorney Sofia Teren protects the constitutional and due process rights of each client, and delivers justice clients deserve. Attorney Sofia Teren provides individualized legal services, and interacts directly with the clients from the commencement of the legal matter and until it is resolved. 


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   Attorney Sofia Teren believes that each case is unique, and will take the time to learn your story in order to build the best case for the client. When Ms. Teren works on the cases (personal injury, criminal defense or divorce), she is dedicated to offer the best legal                            services and provide support to her clients at the time when it is needed  the most.  At the law office of Sofia Teren we  use modern technology and traditional approach to provide best legal representation, to find best legal solution and to reach best  legal outcome for our clients.support to her clients at the time when it is needed the most.