Our Services

Business Matters


  • We provide services to support formation of the business starting from choosing the name and the entity for the future business such as LLC, S Corporation, Corporation, Partnership or other form of business. We will prepare and file the Articles of Incorporation or Organization. We will create the Operating Agreement and help to obtain the necessary business licenses and permits when required by the law.

Contracts Matters and General Civil Litigation


  • We represent clients in the agreement/contract disputes which arise out of breach of the terms of the written or oral agreement/contract or breach of warranty. We will help the clients to negotiate the terms of the contract/agreement using the best negotiating skills and persistence that is required to create successful long-term working agreement/contract.

Personal Injury Matters


  • Our attorneys represent clients in lawsuits involving injury or death arising from automobile accidents, pedestrian accidents, injuries from faulty machinery or equipment, or injuries caused by assault, battery, negligence or other wrongful acts of another.

Criminal Defense.


  • Our courtroom work involves defending the constitutional rights of persons accused of committing a crime, including misdemeanor and felony offenses. Diligently working on the criminal cases allow our law office to deliver best resolution. Each case is unique and requires at most attention. This is what we promise to our clients - we listen carefully when the person's freedom are in jeopardy. 

Juvenile Law


  • If your child is charged with a criminal offense, minor or serious, he or she will need experienced attorney who can competently fight for and defend their rights. Juvenile record can have negative impact on the future life of your child. Representing minor children, requires special skills, compassion, and knowledge of the Juvenile Court System.  We have extensive experience in representing children in Juvenile Court System.  

Family Law


  • Divorce or dispute over the custody of the children are always stressful. The court system is complicated and full of bureaucracy which adds to the most difficult times when couples are filing for divorce or would like to establish parent/child relationships. We can hep to navigate the court system and advocate for your parental rights.