About Us


  • At The Law Office of Sofia Teren LLC, we represent clients in personal injury matters, business formation, contract disputes, criminal and juvenile defense cases, as well as various legal matters that arise under the Family Law and General Civil Litigation.      

  • Attorney Sofia Teren has extensive experience and excellent reputation in representing clients. In the courtroom, Ms. Teren fiercely and passionately represents clients’ best interests. Especially, in criminal and juvenile cases when the freedom of clients at stake, Attorney Sofia Teren protects the constitutional and due process rights of each client, and delivers justice clients deserve. 

  • Attorney Sofia Teren provides individualized legal services, and interacts directly with the clients from the commencement of the legal matter and until it is resolved. Ms. Teren answers the phone, gives clients advice and represents their best interests through the entire duration of the cases. Attorney Sofia Teren ensures that her clients are always well informed and updated on the status of their legal matter.       

  • At the Law Office of Sofia Teren LLC, we always evolve and find new tactics to provide effective legal representation in order to make it easier on our clients.

  • Attorney Sofia Teren is fluent in Russian.

About ME

  • Thank you for the interest in my practice and choosing to visit my website. I have been practicing law in the Greater Cleveland Area for almost a decade. I graduated Case Western Reserve University School of Law with the Master of Laws (LLM) Degree and Jurist Doctor (JD) Degree. In pursuit of my passion to practice law, I deliver justice and always represent people’s interests. I am proud to call myself a Clevelander. I live with my husband and together we raise two beautiful children. 


  • Sofia Teren helped me tremendously with my case.  She is professional and attentive, fair and very personable. She provided a quality work that led to the best outcome for me. Thank you! ~RG      Jan-2016

  • Great attorney, easy to work with, very knowledgeable and detail oriented.  ~FF.  Feb-2017